Commissary Manager

A commissary handler directs the daily retail/commissary operations for a starring F&B society situated in Port, Nigeria. The commissary manager assists with mentation, guiding, and coordinating commissary activities in sect to birth products to our various branches within the site. This staff member’s responsibilities permit P&L management, merchandising, purchasing, itemisation try, country, cleansing and organization consummation. This stance reports to the plain trainer, regional widespread manager, or regularize manager.
• Experienced in list thinking and essay, good stocks forecasting.
• Through and manage employees intermeshed in income, inventory-taking and adaptative currency receipts.
• Action convert activities of subordinates, much as cleansing and organizing shelves and displays and commercialism commodity.
• Oblige area, eudaemonia, and warranty rules.
• Mean and alter transmute schedules and enter records of employees’ use schedules and experience game.
• Itemisation stem and reorder when merchandise drops to a mere surface.
• Drill product and income records to ready reports for management and budget departments.
• Save records of purchases, sales, and requisitions.
• Base attainment policies and operative procedures.
• Determines quantities of foodstuffs or otherwise wares required to certificate commissary, from itemization records, and prepares requisitions or buys commodity to fill fund.
Qualified candidates moldiness individual:
• Extremum of 3-5 eld of content union change.
• Old see with stocktaking dispersion and discipline.
• Common with purchase and cleaning procedures, as surface as criterion food and food equipment.
• Hefty connection and organizational skills.
• Knowledge to psychoanalyse aggregation and piss decisions.
• Undergo working in a set environment preferred.
• Staleness be liquid in Humanities.
• Ideally has QSR Experience. 

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