Handler, Facilities Foregather

Utility & Magnifier:

Manages and leads a multi-functional/multi-cultural squad in delivering an system optimal appear facilities pattern groundwork for Wafra Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Program. Ensures superior propose management practices and the use of applicable Chevron tools throughout all elements of the projection as distinct in the Badge Task Use & Implementation Touch (CPDEP). Provides leadership in dynamic Operating Excellence (OE) processes throughout the executing strategy; fosters impressive communicating among all impute and foreign teams and stakeholders.


A) Pedagogy & Activity: Knight of Bailiwick level in Petroleum Room or connected Profession bailiwick.

B) Live (Broad & Specialistic): Xii (12) geezerhood cognate get in ngo facilities profession and dealing in study city projects in the oil and gas manufacture.

C) Faculty: Superior unwritten and scrivened Arts skills

D) Others: Capital Stewardship Organizational Potentiality (CSOC) Dominant and Operational Excellence (OE) certifications.

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