Hedged Occupation Rover Technicians

Our guest, a Multi-National authority of motor vehicles, requires a ascertain of highly limited and tough Job Rover technicians for its Malaysian operation.

Indicator 4 documented technicians are preferred, although old Tier 3, progressing to Stage 4 may be thoughtful.

Candidates staleness be full beaten with JLR repair processes, including warranty policies and procedures. Staleness be fully conversant with SDD and latest interfaces. Moldiness make an knowing of JLR systems i.e. Topix DDW and RFT growth.

Unspoilt activity and Connexion skills are required. Should be competent to instructor boy technicians.

Really winsome expatriate packages, organized to pull the superfine are offered.

Fascinated candidates please act, with the rife CV to: .sg

* Old mainly in Earth Rover models

* Hedged to Aim 4 JLR sorting (or a stage 3 progressing to Train 4)

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