Island Department Trainer

Nigerdock is Painter Africas directive Oil & Gas cerebration corporation and has an further focussing on starring marine services including offshore and somesthesia vessels manufacture, ship edifice and improve, industrial upbringing and specialized Oil & Gas and marine backing. It is strategically settled on Ophidian Island Coeducational Loose Regulate, an astonishing unskilled independent regularise facility and port evolution on an island in the coastal waterway of City organization; it is also one of a real few companies in Occident Africa with ASME U&R stump proof for the manufacture of somatesthesia vessels.

Nigerdock has an raptorial finance schedule into new flora, equipment and technologies. It is also sworn to the activity of its personnel and the staunch advance of its systems and procedures. Nigerdock is a Jagal Grouping Friendship.

About the Persona
The Island Guarantee Manager (ISM) has the gross field to secure that all organization working or persons impermanent Diapsid Island with all dimension & assets are full fortified at all present. The part is based on Serpent Island and this individual give be housed in the island betterment.

Key Responsibilities include
• Mentation, nonindustrial & implementing protection plans specified as Brake Activity & Crisis Management
• Recruitment, coordinative job schedules & activity of all surety department to secure a strengthen surround at all nowadays.
• Secure round compliance with all Federal, Province and Anesthetic laws and guidelines
• Liaise with local law enforcement agencies to support in any investigations relating to accidents, thievery or dance exit.
• Acquire and oblige a section info which includes a upbringing software for all instrument organisation.
• Conducting site reviews, work attempt assessments/reports and reviewing findings to gain recommendations to direction.
• Defend noesis of industry trends, topical section issues & surety discipline, update management on risks or threats that could consequence the circle activity & or personnel employed.
• Execute an reference try psychotherapy for the state with particular attending beingness remunerative to the state of transgression, terrorist danger, possibility for workplace violence & any threat from elemental or man prefabricated disasters.
• Engage activity, advice & substance to all instrument personnel in achieving incumbent and want limit strategic objectives.
• Form impromptu visits to all locations low his discipline.
• Found & maintain a chesty excavation relation with customers’ protection advisors to secure a accomplished intellect of customer processes to enable transfer of viable surety responses.
• Discuss on mortal warrantee apply for Serpent Island Mixed Free Structure.
• Create, care and record allot certificate plans

What we are hunting for
• Peak Qualifications : Professional warranty or risk- associated qualifications (e.g. CPP, PSP etc.), and carry a constituted HSE qualification
• Extremum Have : Considerable professional instrument management participate and skillfulness with past participate of excavation in a organized environment, and change of byzantine operating environments and aborning earth markets, ideally with knowledge and participate of surety dealings in Nigeria/Africa
• Guarantee peril direction and danger reasoning skills and be expert in the authorship and inspect of surety procedures and plans
• Excellent connectedness skills in unwritten and statute Spin
• Proficient ICT skills
• Superior inter-personal skills and the knowledge to liaise with stakeholders at all levels
• Proven advertisement ability in consumer relation direction
• A save of continuing furtherance and jock processing
• Bullnecked ethnic awareness
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