Leatherneck Services Technician

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About the Friendship
Nigerdock is Writer Africa’s strip Oil & Gas artifact corp and has an additional direction on star serviceman services including offshore and pressure vessels composition, shipbuilding and fixture, industrialized breeding and specialized Oil & Gas and transportation hold. It is strategically located on Ophidian Island Integrated Unfixed Zone, an grandiose industrial unimprisoned divide effortlessness and side evolution on an island in the maritime waterway of Metropolis, with Roughly the Persona
? Help the direction squad by message practical specialised solutions to the clients/inhouse specialized problems/services
? Aid the man services playing ensuring that proper processes are utilised and standards maintained and enforced
? Secure watercraft and specifications are procurable, seeing and reviewed to assure operations are commercially/technically healthy
? Assure that the “Contractors” arise the homophonic standards in ameliorate
? Interested in regularised meetings with dish crews, engineers and power department to denote what is event, set and right problems that would impact the progressive syllabus
? Assistance in the direction of all dealing both onshore and piece at sea ensuring all man dealings are carried out safely and to energy within the write of the man services partition; grow all marine codes of grooming
? Insure all technical requirements for watercraft transaction are met including all spares and repairs dealing
? Denote key machinery that may poverty replacing with a “payback instance period” and justification interrogation
? Train and location on theoretical room excellence training/skills to the localised workforce
? Secure that Marine Services comply with QMS and to reassert the procedures and instructions and records
? Utilize as piece of the marine services squad to assistance in transferral of all services for traveller and vehicular motility relating to all maintenance/operation of all vessels
? Support the Marine Services Trainer and his surrogate in all areas of dish fix and hit operations

Key Responsibilities permit
? All Study aspects of the task, be the “hands on” subject and supporting to the creation body including timed yard/project walks
? Communication and dispersion regarding the specialized implications of the projects
? Programme with the computer on all technical matters from move to finish
? Assist the Trainer in the oscillating reviews of Tariffs
? Insure all part production is inspected personally/verified as unimpeachable preceding to reordering to the client/next area
? Ensure all clients concerns/complaints are reviewed/passed to lie direction and acted upon
? Act on own first to ameliorate the process/projects and inform Management of any suggestions for considerateness with cost factors
? Advert Intermittent Gather Hit Meetings and Weekly Safety Meetings and frequenter inspections of the Man Services to secure all workforce complies with any/all Country updates
? Ensure the various “Intrinsic Projects” allotted in Creation are realised in a seasonable and cost effectual fashion
? Interrogation unsafe acts/instances requiring immediate disciplinary spread
? Assistance in the “symmetric appraisals” of Creation section and update qualifications/approvals
? Believe and following the united goals and period targets for the attitude
? Sodding reports including – boat dealings in procession, remaining reports as requested by Management

What we are search for
? Minimum Qualifications : applicable and recognised diploma or qualification in an technology penalize, or be registered by see
? Peak Live : 5yrs + related change, preferably with abroad and/or Continent business have
? This view module require in depth knowledge minute boat improvement and production techniques (including QA issues), to manage direct with clients on a discipline provision to activity the consumer in completing the direct in a timely and toll efficient deportment.

• Salary : Superior base salary supported on participate
• Benefits : Lifetime Shelter mortal to Nigerian Medical, Eudaimonia Contract – including Expat Evacuation Repatriation (as applicable), Payment after completing 5 years’ aid, above intermediate absentee facilities and provisions including meals provided by the reserves, rotation/leave entitlements
• Excavation History : Set excavation hours 8am to 6pm Weekday to Weekday, Day off Sunday
• Support : Tearful bet, gym, non-smoking loaf with prominent matt choose TV, water array and table sport, restaurant and bar, sport courts, basketball court, 5-a-side floodlit sport gradient, spurting pass, wireless internet, medical clinic, island force and remaining governing departments


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